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What is the minimum rental period?

Minimum rental period is 24 hours.


Car rental age restrictions hired to document the internal drive about what we are?

At least 2 years must be at least 25 years old on the upper class TERMS car rental searched the visit must have valid driver on the document.


What types of insurance coverage weve been in?

The validity of insurance, traffic accident, theft Inc. Not submitting the report Akola / or vehicle alcohol, we ve, drug use under the Influence Inc. / Or in case of exceeding the legal speed limit automatically rises middle. Glass, we ve broken up mirror, tire damage arising from use of the split error is excluded from insurance coverage.


Is that means I hired someone else can use me?

Rent Oz use of the 3rd party tool renter, but drivers Oz Car Rental Documents About document of identityve Rent a Car authorized by the contract in case the recording is possible.

What are the conditions for long lease?

0 to later rent a car to visit the circuit in 30 days (532) 586 6224 You can call our phone number.


What are your additional services?

GPS (Navigation Device): in case of booking during the Unclaimed can be obtained in return for an additional fee.

ETC device: Rental periods are supplied in exchange for  tl.hizmet price. Usage Fees will be collected separately.

Baby Seat: provision provided in the event of an additional fee required at time of booking.

Place car delivery when requested in the centers in which their vehicle station is available at 20 Euros return for Leaving / OR ve Oz Rent: Delivery Release Inc .. Oz Rent a Car per km in places where there are car rental station 0.30 euros calculated.


What forms of payment?

Payments can be made with Oz validity Rent a Car in Kabul by the credit card. Regardless of the selected payment type, approximate rental fee will be charged during the delivery vehicle will be made at the exact end of the lease calculations. In addition to the rental cost varying according to credit card authorization is received from the amounts deposited purpose vehicle group.

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